How to stop Macbook Air M1 from OverHeating?

This fix will easily solve your Macbook Air M1 overheating problem. I tried it on my Macbook Air M1(8G) and it successfully fixed the heating problem when playing games.

Personally, I have not tried it on M2 and M3 systems, but I’m sure it will also work there.

Guide to Fix Macbook Air M1 from Overheating

Follow the steps:

[1] Go to Settings.

[2] Search for “Battery”.

[3] Select “Always” next to Low Power Mode.

That’s it, now you can play any game or edit videos without worrying about your Macbook Air getting overheated.

How does this work?

As you know the MacBook Air has no fan in it.

So, setting the power mode to “Always” when it’s plugged in can help reduce overheating by optimizing how the system manages its performance and power consumption.

This mode prioritizes keeping the temperature lower by reducing the workload on the processor and other components, even if it means using more power.

This approach helps prevent the laptop from getting too hot.

I also found that the performance was not compromised during gaming as these M series chips are quite powerful and function well even in power mode.

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