Play Caesar 3 on an Android

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Yes, it is possible to play Caesar 3 on an Android. The full PC version of the Caesar 3 can be easily run on Android devices. Moreover, it is fully compatible with the phone touch system, so there’s no need to connect a mouse or keyboard to play it.

How to Play Caesar 3 on Android

Follow the steps to play Caesar 3 on Android:

  1. Download the Caesar 3.
  2. Unzip the files to a folder.
  3. Transfer the “Caesar 3” folder to your Android Phone.
  4. Download Julius from the Google Play.
  5. Open the Julius app.
  6. Point the App to the Caesar 3 directory.
  7. Enjoy the game.

Does it Run Well?

caesar 3 gameplay on android
Me Playing Caesar 3 on a Samsung Android Phone

During my test, the Caesar 3 runs fine on the Android phone. The touch response was as seamless as other mobile games, and I recommend playing it on tablets or phones with larger screens for a better experience. In my opinion, there is no other mobile game other than Caesar 3 that can match the thrill and excitement of playing a full PC strategy game on your phone. Other phone-based city-building games like SimCity BuildIt have numerous limitations and fail to provide a satisfying experience.

Note: You have to double-tab to confirm any construction and there is a cross sign above if you want to cancel the selected item.

Here is the video, where I tested the Caesar 3 on an Android phone:

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